A World of Pictures LLC Joseph Wagenhals Photographer | Day 10 Along The Seine River

River Lock _DSC9709 copyRiver Lock  _DSC9712 copyRiver Lock  _DSC9714 copyAlong The SeineAlong The Seine_DSC7436Along The SeineAlong The Seine_DSC7431Along The SeineAlong The Seine_DSC7443Along The SeineAlong The Seine_DSC7433Along The SeineAlong The Seine_DSC7437 (1)Along The SeineAlong The Seine_DSC7459Along The Seine_DSC7142Along The Seine_DSC7143Along The Seine_DSC7147Along The Seine_DSC7148Along The Seine_DSC7150Along The Seine_DSC7163Along The Seine_DSC7174Along The Seine_DSC7212Along The Seine_DSC7214Along The Seine_DSC7233Along The Seine_DSC7234 (1)